Introducing John Edward Thomas Moynahan

At last! Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady’s 1-month-old son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan makes his debut. Check back, more pictures to come!



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  • sandra

    Bridget Moynahan does really have FEW wrinkels because she takes care not to get sunburned and because she is simply lucky, I guess. Oh yes and: no smoking helps, of course.

    Yep the pic is very much airbrushed / photoshop-ed AND Moynahan does look so “orange” because the baby does look so light (no wonder it has just been born. No time to roast in the sun so far.)

    The baby is CUTE. Do you think you can see a cleft chin there? JET does really have Brady’s eyes: the same dropping upper lids – at least from that perspective.

    Father is a deadbeat dad.

  • Ja-j

    I’m just glad that he is healthy and has parents that love him. He is a cutie! Love those eyes!

  • Jose

    She looks very airbrushed. She is nearly 40 and no wrinkles…come on! Also, she looks like an Ompa Lumpa with that orange skin!

    She is pretty classless for doing this photo spread in OK! Why do it? Pretty sad to stoop so low to get your mug in the media that you would exploit your infant. So so so gross!

    Team Brady all the way!

  • Lisa

    No, I know he can’t pose yet …but they could’ve got a better angle-I just want to see his face better….I still think he’s adorable:-)

  • He’s 1-month-old, he can’t “look up” and pose and wave and whatever. i think he’s adorable!

  • Lisa

    The picture quality isn’t that good, maybe it’s b/c it’s online, I haven’t seen the actual magazine yet. Bridget is very much on the orange side, but the worst so far was Katie Jordan Price & her baby. It’s too bad they didn’t get him to look up? I don’t get that….

  • M*Sat

    I hate to be the one to say this, but that baby is not very cute. He has a weird looking head.

    Maybe he’ll get cuter as he gets older! It happens sometimes.

  • jend0225

    I was thinking the same thing Jen! I feel a sort of sadness from the picture.. maybe it is just this one particular photo. John is so beautiful!

  • MJ

    bridget is so beautiful. What a sweet baby!

  • Jen

    She and Brady must’ve had a terrible relationship. What man in his right mind would give up the chance to be with her and that precious boy?

    Ya know what cracks me up the most about pictures of celebrity moms with their babies? The moms are always so tan, often almost orange, and the baby’s skin is so pale and natural. Look at his hand next to her face….crazy!

  • suze

    he’s a cutie, he totally looks like a boy..good luck bridget!

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