Patricia Arquette Takes Harlow For Some Cotton Candy At The Pier

Medium star Patricia Arquette takes her daughter Harlow Olivia, 4, to the Santa Monica Pier for some cotton candy. I just have to say, I’ve seen Patricia look much better, maybe it’s just the clothes and all the bags she’s carrying.  Harlow’s cute, she looks like a little free spirit!

Harlow is Coco Arquette’s big cousin, David and Patricia are brother and sister.





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  • Dawn

    I agree with the first two posters. Why can’t she ever leave the house without someone making snide comments about her? Leave her alone and let her have some fun with her family, for crying out loud!

    I think they both look cute and beautiful. Their clothes reflect their sense of style and individuality,and it suits them. So what if they aren’t dressed like they came out of a cookie cutter mold straight out of Holywood. I love that about Patricia. She keeps it real and honest. Leave her alone.

  • DG

    Santa Monica Pier was the site for Courteney Cox’s EB Medical Research Foundation Fundraiser.

  • I love Patricia. I think Harlow is adorable

  • Alex

    To those that said this was just a day out with her daughter: It’s actually a celebrity event. There are a lot of other celebs around. And there was a “red carpet” thing where they all lined up at took pictures.

    Harlow is a very pretty girl. I can see some slight similarities with her cousin, Coco.

  • Jen

    I can’t believe no one mentioned what the kid is wearing. She’s an angel from a Christmas pagent, for crying out loud. Clearly Patricia has a quirky sense of style. Little Harlow’s in for an interesting life.

  • sassy

    OMG…the outfits on both of them are horrible, Patricia is beautiful, if you google her you can see she has looked much better, so I see what Lisa meant. The big red circus tent has got to go.

    Ivy & suze are right too!

    And who are you people that get so bent out of shape, you can’t take it when someone says something a little out of the ordinary?

  • ivy

    vogue fashion shoot? i wouldnt be caught dead looking like that. she’s dressed like a clown. no she doesn’t have to be ‘camera ready’ but atleast look in the mirror before you leave the house. they people who get so bent out of shape about these comments are probably the ones who look like sh*t every day and can’t take 5 minutes to make themselves look half-way decent. dawn probably has that outfit in her closet right now.

  • Candy

    It’s called “Frumpy”

  • suze

    My god people, get a life, aren’t you human, you can’t tell me you don’t have opinions when you look at these pictures. Patricia looks good, but she does look like she gained some weight, especially in the third picture. Lisa didn’t say anything wrong or mean, it was just her opinion. I don’t think it was meant to be a blow to Patricia.

    It just cracks me up how some people out there get so bent out of shape if things aren’t presented “perfectly”

  • Tom

    I agree with Dawn. Why does she have to be “on” all the time? She works hard all week long she is taking her daughter out and people like you just can’t leave her alone. How would you like no privacy at all? How would you like people commenting on the way you look all the time. Give me a break.

  • Dawn

    Quote: “I just have to say, I’ve seen Patricia look much better, maybe it’s just the clothes and all the bags she’s carrying”

    You’re very critical. Does she have to look “camera ready” even when she’s just trying to have a day out with her daughter? Do YOU look ready for a Vogue fashion shoot every time you walk out the door?

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