It’s A Boy For Anthony Kiedis & Heather Christie! reports that Anthony Kiedis and girlfriend, model Heather Christie, welcomed their first child together, a baby boy, born this morning in LA .

Thanks Salli!


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    im so glad he had a boy! OOO YEAH!!! i mean a girl would have been weird cus think about it, its ANTHONY KIEDIS! he HAD to have a boy so that little chili pepper can be just as great as him! i want to see pics. of this little guy. i hope he looks like Anthony!

  • Salli

    Everly B Kiedis
    Went just and there was new bloggery from Blackie, AK`s dad, about Everly:

    sworn to privacy. understandable. wish i could show you pictures. he is handsome. 2 or 3 inches of jet black hair. wide eyed and bushy tailed. went home in less than 12 hours. mowed the lawn today. and expressed interest in wally’s world.

  • Salli

    And there´s some information about the name, Anthony and Heather gave to their son, Everly B.

  • Tatiana Silva Pereira

    Parabéns querido.

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