Britney Gets Monitored Visitation


In a hearing that took place on Wednesday, a judge ordered that Kevin Federline gets to keep the kids for now, with Britney Spears getting monitored visitation. Britney wasn’t at the hearing, not sure why she would miss something like that?

Court rep Allan Parachin tells the press, “Britney’s access to her kids works out to about every other day.”

“The visits will not necessarily occur back-to-back.”

The next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 26, and both parents are required to be there.

In case you missed it, Britney Spears officially has a California driver’s license and can get back on the road. Well, she never really got off the road, which unless you haven’t been following the Britney news, is one of the reasons she lost her kids. Anyway, Britney was issued an interim licence on Tuesday, and is pictured above back behind the wheel.

I think the only reason I care what is going on with Britney, is because she is a mother. I think we are all waiting for her to step up to the plate, and do what she needs to do for those boys. It’s frustrating to watch her make mistake after mistake. We all know someone that no matter what, we can’t save. Britney’s that kind of person, but with her the whole world gets to watch.


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  • Jen

    She’s is a great example of the damage substance abuse does. A once vibrant, caring mother is now a slave to whatever it is she’s hooked on. Her defiance in business and mothering, and the thumbing of her nose at the law are probably beyond her control at this point. (She might have a mental illness, but all of the partying hints more at a drug and alcohol craving.) You can see the deterioration in her complexion and the vacant look in her eyes. It’s all very sad.

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