Laura Dern Takes Her Kids Costume Shopping

Over the weekend, Laura Dern took her kids Ellery Walker, 6, Jaya, 2 1/2, and husband Ben Harper’s daughter Harris (from his 1st marriage) to get their Halloween costumes. Not sure who the other woman is in the top picture? It’s cute how Jaya can’t wait to get at what’s in the bag.





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  1. lisa

    No that is not Ben’s mom. I have seen Ben Harper’s mother before. It is probably a nanny. Harris is a very beautiful and happy looking young girl.

  2. Lisa

    You are probably right, about it being ben’s mom, awww, your daughter must be a pretty girl!

  3. melanie

    im almost positive thats bens mom

    and its scary how jaya looks like my daughter! i did a double take!!

  4. sammydruz

    Hm, if I was Ben, I’d get a blood test on that daughter..

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