Oscar De La Hoya & Family At The Airport

Oscar De La Hoya is pictured at Van Nuys airport with his lookalike son Oscar Gabriel, 21-months, and his pregnant wife Millie Corretjer.

Added: De La Hoya and family are still recovering from the photos that surfaced of him in fishnet stockings, if interested you can see them here. Still hasn’t been proven whether they are real or fake, but x17 stands by their claim that they are absolutely De La Hoya.





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  • Anonymous

    He found love and got married. Big wow. He completely ignores his other children. Shame on you Oscar. You’re a lousy excuse for a father.

  • Lisa

    Not sure how much he gets to see Atianna, but he does have two other children:

    Jacob,9, mom identity unknown & devon, 8, mom is former Las Vegas show girl Angelicque Mcqueen.

  • antigonie

    why do the pics matter anyway gosh he was drunk, people do stupid stuff when they’re drunk.
    his accident just so happened to get to the public.

  • I wonder how often he sees his daughter with Shanna Barker, Atianna? Are those his only two children?

  • Lisa

    I still don’t know whether I believe the photos are real or fake?

  • Jen

    I just can’t take him seriously after seeing him in fishnets.

  • Vivien Leigh

    Go proove the people youve got no sister…

  • Gina

    Oscar Gabriel is a gorgeous boy..

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