Diane Sawyer Doesn’t Ask JLo If She’s Pregnant & JLo Doesn’t Tell

I can’t believe Diane Sawyer didn’t come out and ask JLo if she was pregnant! Instead she said, “All right, all right, I know what everybody’s asking, and I know you have so little privacy in your life … so, I’m just going to say, ‘How are you?’ ”

Jennifer gave her an answer, “I’m very well, thank you. This is really, really a great, happy time in my life. … Everything’s great.”

Well that’s not what everyone tuning in wanted to hear! We know you’re great, but when are you due? Are you expecting twins? I think we have another Christina Aguilera on our hands!

Pregnancy isn’t stopping JLo from dancing, below is a picture of her performing this morning on GMA.



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  • girlygirl

    OH come on! She is so pregnant, it’s not even funny! She may want to hide it because she doesn’t want the pressure, but it would just be better to say you are pregnant and just show your happiness rather than hide it, and be scattered about in the tabliods…just do it

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