Ok! Shoot With Katie Jordan Price & Junior

These are from an OK! shoot with Katie Jordan Price and her 2 year old son Junior. What do you think of Katies make-up? Orange right? Junior is a really cute kid.





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  • Jordan (Katie Price) is famous for having huge breasts and being a party girl. She’s sort of a model, but she’s mostly famous for being famous. Her husband is a one-hit-wonder singer, and originally Australian.

    As for the kid, wow, what a cutie! And the absolute spitting image of his father!

  • Android

    She’s a UK glamour model!

  • DropThePilot

    For her huge boobs, I guess 😀

  • koolmom

    Yuck, she’s a pretty girl, but the glow has got to go!

  • Sara

    She is totally orange, doesn’t match the kid at all. Maybe it’s because I’m from the states, but I don’t get what she is famous for?

  • amii

    katie price is famous for uk model n she was on im a celebrity get me out of here she now as her own chat show and a childrens auther

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