Tom & Katie Want To Please Suri

U663cover_blogDon’t you just wonder how Scientology influences little 18 month old Suri’s life? Us Weekly learned some interesting things on what it’s like “Growing up Suri.”

As a baby Suri was breastfed and given a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup which Hubbard says is healthier than formula and breast milk. She doesn’t take Scientology classes yet, but everyone around her is a Scientologist, even her nannies.

“Tom doesn’t like associating with people who aren’t Scientologists,” says an insider.

Surprisingly (not really), Tom and Katie don’t say no to Suri:

“It’s all about being positive and supportive,” says the couple’s friend Hubbard advised parents to “try to be the child’s friend.”

But in the long run, “How a parent disciplines their child is left up to the parent.”

A close family friend says: “Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she fusses before bed, they let her stay up later. If they want her to go swimming and she cries, they’ll take her out. If she whines about food, they’ll ask her what else she wants to eat. They always want to please her.”

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  • cc

    its NOT about spoiling the kid…its about teaching children that they have a voice. Obviously you stop a child if they are in danger, but as for trivial things like bedtime and swimming, letting the child make his/her own decisions fosters independence and confidence. Children are just little humans.

  • jodi

    she is simply adorable

  • natsu

    i really don’t know…

    what when she grows up and someone say “NO” to suri??
    kids need to learn that they can’t have anything they want.

  • Cara

    I’m sorry. I still can’t read past the corn syrup part. Corn syrup? CORN SYRUP? Yikes.

  • Jen

    I don’t know, though. Tom’s other kids have Nicole for a mom, and everyone knows she’s no Scientologist. I can see Katie being a complete pushover. She obviously lets her husband call all the shots, so why not the kid, too?

  • breanna

    She is cute but she seems like a brat

  • Anonymous

    okay so if a child is crying and doesn’t want to go swimming…do you make him/her stay in the pool? this is probably very exaggerated…

  • jend0225

    ok.. I am definately not a tomkat fan.. but his other 2 kids grew up in the same exact enviroment and they turned out just fine. I think this is an exaggerated story. Anyone with kids knows it is fun to have a child that age! All the exploring… it is exciting!

  • didi

    suri should grow up nice and spoiled.

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