Pregnant J.Lo Looks Fabulous!

Pregnant Jennifer Lopez, shows off her baby bump at a Studio in Hollywood, CA. With J.Lo is her stylist Ken Paves.




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  1. Karen

    Congrats….. I’m so happy for u Jen and Marc… I love ur look!!! U look Fabulous….

  2. ruby

    that is mos definately Joe Battle in the background for sure, he is the best ever!!!! he does need to be onscreen more often! As if J-lo isn’t fortunate enuff, she gets to work with Joe Battle on the daily, lucky ass Jen! She looks great pregnant, and always! Joe Battle looks fabu per usual!!!! what a Gem that guy is, to bad he works so much…

  3. jj

    who is that hot guy behind jen??? I think I heard that he is the famous Joe Battle of Detroit, MI. we need to see way more of him!!!

  4. Chris

    She’s going to get SO FAT! I can’t wait to see it.

  5. melanie

    wow wow WOW!!!! what is with all the hate towards her people??? oh my goodness i didnt think that was what posting comments was all about..i am very very happy for her and you guys have no right to call her a hoe..i doubt you really know her like that!

  6. charity

    She definately is PREGO’S.

  7. Ja-j

    Well if you don’t like bump, then what about bun in the oven?

    I think she looks great! Good for them…and yes, I want those boots too!

  8. Frannie

    J.LO looks very pretty & healthy. Why so many ugly nasty negative comments? Not nice! You’re clearly displaying ignorance & envious, too bad. It is a blessing for J.LO & Marc, they deserve it. Those of you that are all the above, look in your own backyard, you will be surprised at what you may see. And by the way, remember bad “Karma” will be delivered to you. God Bless J.Lo, Marc and there new addition(s).

  9. ivy

    I agree with suze….it is a bump, what are we supposed to say? btw, its not her stomach thats growing justme, its her uterus, since you want everyone to speak so correctly 🙂

  10. overit

    Dumb ignorant asses need to be spayed and neutered.

  11. MmmBop

    Poor kid…gonna grow up to be a prostitute like mama.

  12. Donna from Philly

    She looks fabulous. Stop hating and wish her all the best. God bless you Jennifer and Mark.

  13. aw!

    Poor kid (or kids). If they look anything like Skeletor, they’re screwed, and if they look anything like JLo before her plastic surgery, they’re screwed!

  14. Alyssa

    She IS being like Christina A. – She’s keeping everybody out of HER, get it, HER business!

    Good for her! No one has the right to know anything about her unless she says it’s okay.

  15. Suze

    *bump* is just a phrase that everyone uses, what else are you supposed to say, the baby in her abdomen is growing?? Puleez! Get over it

    BTW she looks beautiful!

  16. Sabs

    To: justme. I agree, it’s completely ridiculous. It’s a BABY for pete’s sake not a BUMP!

  17. KIM 2.0


  18. melissa

    She’s lovely. And I want those boots.

  19. JustMe

    I *hate* the word BUMP when speaking about a pregnant woman’s stomach.

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