Friday: Share your Abbyisms

Whether you have kids, or are around kids, there’s no doubt that they say cute and funny things that make you laugh. In our house we call them Abbyisms. Abby is my middle daughter, she’s 4 1/2, and cracks herself [and us] up all day.

I want to hear your "Abbyisms." Come on, you know you have some!

This is Abigail, 4 1/2, Grace, 6, and Graham, 3, earlier this month. As you can see, Graham would not take off his Diego pajamas that day-it happens! My husband Jeff was getting something in the car and I was trying to keep them busy, I think they sat for two seconds.

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  1. Lisa

    We now have an Abbyisms website, visit Abbyisms & share your story:-)

  2. Aww! Cute kids! It still amazes me that our kids are the same ages!

  3. Alicia

    My 2 year old Amara was watching T.V. and a Menards Commerical came up. All day she was singing the songs tune but she got the words wrong. She was singing “Save big bunny and Bernards.”

  4. Mo Melton

    My 4 y/o daughter is also named Abby and she says some of the most amazingly cute things. We were running to the car one afternoon and it was raining outside. When we got into the car and buckled her into her car seat, she sighed deeply and proclaimed, ” Momma, we’re SMOKIN’ wet.” Needless to say I couldn’t drive for a few minutes.

  5. melanie

    so i have a 3 year old Coultyn Nicole and 1 year old Sailor Paige.

    and one of my friends had stopped to talk to us and asked Coultyn what she wanted to be when she grows up..Coultyn replied “A MODEL!” friend was taken back because Coult is 3..

    lol so she asked my 1 year old what she wanted to be and Coultyn piped in and said “I dont think she will grow up to be anything..she has to stay small so she can be a crybaby forever”

    oh boy..the things kids say!!

  6. Celeste

    MY 3 1/2year old daughter Celeste Sofia was drawing on a paper while i made the table for dinner and out of no where she yelled “Mami, Papi look i know how to write” as she ran to my boyfriend and I in the dinning room we held the pape in aww and asked ” wow baby what does it say”? and my sweet child’s response was classic ” No,i said i could wirte i never said i knew to read”!!!! what a belssing!!!!

  7. princess

    i remember teasing my 6 year old sister that i can’t find the radio and she said, “Are you a blind mouse? Here it is!” Btw, you have very beautiful children!! :p

  8. my daughter, lili, who is 4, was reading a book about dinosaurs and showed me a drawing of a pregnant dinosaur. she said “there’s the eggs in the mommy’s tummy before she spits them out.”

    lili says “we’res” instead of “ours”, and it’s so cute i just can’t bring myself to correct her. my favorite quote of hers saying this was when she told me “meemo [one of her grandmothers] got a new camera, and it’s just like we’res!”

    we’re busy getting ready for halloween, and lili is fascinated with “sketelons.”

    lili requested we go to a restaurant the other day that served “totter taters.”

    i love this site and all the “abbyisms.” in my house we call them “kellie jokes” for a friend’s niece who loved telling crazy jokes ad nauseam when she was a kid. her favorite- “why did the dog sit in the backseat? because he didn’t want to sit in the front seat!”

    btw, it’s spelled “bananas” 🙂

  9. melanie

    OH MY..simply adorable so prfessional!!!!!

  10. Hi, I just wanted to drop in to say that the picture of your kids is beautiful. Wow!

  11. Lisa

    Abby wanted to have some salt & vinegar potato chips, and I told her she had to eat a banana first. So when she was done she called out, “Mom I’m done with my banana I didn’t eat it all because it has a rash” [instead of a bruise]

    Ok that’s two stories in one day-both involving bananas

  12. Lisa

    I was out this morning running errands with Abby & Graham, and we pulled up to a bakery. In the same plaza there is a Panera Bread, Abby turned to me and said, “Mom, when are we going to go to Banana Bread again?”

  13. NannyVal

    When I was a Nanny for Two year old Tyler,we were out walking,and came across some tulips.I said to Tyler,can you remember the name of this flower since we talked about it yesterday?Tyler thought for a moment,looked at me and said Yes, its a one lip….. priceless

  14. Stefanie

    When I was travelling by train like some month ago there was a little boy looking at a very old lady. When she smiled back he told her that he is 3 years old and asked that about 80-year-old: Are you 3 yet, too?

    (this is just an translation from German of what that boy said (so the English words I choose might not sound coming from a little boy – for those speaking German he said: Bist du auch schon drei?)

  15. Ja-j

    Speaking of belly’s and babies… My best friend is having twins in a few months and we told my daughter Justine (who is 4) about the babies in her belly and she said, “You are going to have 2 babies? How did they get in there”? Then my 6 yr old son Christopher pipes in and said, “Duh, don’t you know….she swallowed them.” To be that innocent again!

  16. Missy

    When my 5 year old daughter got upset that her 6 year old brother was getting to do Cub Scouts, he said, “don’t worry Kennedy, next year you will be older and can join the muffins”. He meant to say Brownies.

  17. Lisa

    My mom asked my daughter Grace [she was 3 at the time & starting pre-school] what school was she going to.

    Grace replied, “Hello Kitty College” {her pre-school was called Lenape Kiddie College]

  18. Claire

    When my MIL was visiting my 3 year old said, “Your belly’s getting big, are you having a puppy?”

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