Ray Liotta & Daughter Karsen

Ray Liotta and his daughter Karsen, 9, are pictured at the “Bee Movie” LA Premiere.



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  • Lisa

    OMG-How did I not see that this morning-I told you guys I was tired!! I knew he looked bad, but he totally looks like a chipmunk lol!

  • ivy

    ha ha, he does look like chipmunk, he’s scary!!!

  • lisa

    lol your right he does look like chipmunk.What has he done i didnt even reconize him he looks terrible.

  • Jen

    He seriously looks like a chipmunk. Ray, I think you’ve had enough surgery, my friend.

  • Ja-j

    ok, what happened to Ray’s face?

  • Marla

    Why are you so evil, guys?! Are you really sure to be very beautiful at 56??
    Yes, he looks bad but it doesn’t mean that he did plastic surgery! Look at his facial expression in Goodfellas – you’ll see that it’s the same, but then he was young. That’s all.

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