Angelina Jolie Is Pregnant?!?


It’s no secret that Brad and Angelina intend to add to their family, so this very well may be true [the article below has been translated from Dutch to English by reader Wendy]

Angelina Jolie (32) is pregnant!

The news just came from Italy, where the actress announced it herself, as her statement to why she can’t be present at the International Days of Research, which are held in Rimini by the Centro Pio Manzi.

" Doctors have advised her to take plenty of rest." says the Italian centre.

Also the recordings of her latest movie, The Changeling been stopped immediately. The movie is being directed by no one other than Clint Eastwood.

Her pregnancy doesn’t come as a total surprise. Angelina and her partner Brad Pitt didn’t keep the fact that they wanted more children a secret. Angelina would have been trying to get pregnant for a while, but according to sources it was not possible because she lost a lot of weight.

They already have 4 children : Maddox (4)-we know he’s 6, Pax (3) Zahara (2) en Shiloh (1).


Thanks Wendy for the article translation & thanks to Corrien!

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  1. Joyce

    I read this article a couple of days ago in our news paper (because I am from the Netherlands :P). But in that article they also say Maddox (4), so that’s a stuppid mistake

  2. Dorann Millith

    C’mon, Maddox is not 4 but 6 already!

  3. Lisa

    ok im thrown off my game a bit with this rumor today. i had such a hectic day w/ halloween parades, etc…that i didn’t look into this much, but she’s filming a movie-would she really stop production? i can’t see that. i mean it’s clint directing… it can’t be true-now just doesn’t seem like the right time?

  4. Jesse

    That would be great,another cute baby;-),but I can’t believe it,she doesn’t look healthy 🙁

  5. She always looks so thin—how can anyone even tell she is pregnant?!

  6. liz

    i think that would be such wonderful news if angelina and brad are pregnant. it would be so exciting for all of us, i just can;t even imagine how thrilling and exciting it would be for them and their families. best of luck angie and brad because we all love you guys and hope and pray you get exactly what you want. God bless us all.

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