James Wilke As Superman

Sarah Jessica Parker’s son, James Wilke Broderick seen outside with his nanny in the West Village, NYC.



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  1. mw1227

    Since the nanny is holding a bowl with candy in it, perhaps she is sitting on the stoop with James to give out candy rather than receiving the candy. If his mother sat there giving out the candy, there would be a thousand paparazzi shooting photos. I don’t think that James Wilkie is neglected. His parents seem to spend alot of time with him at the park, riding bikes, etc. I’ve seen many photos of that.

  2. Lisa

    you’re right MJ-i changed it:-)

    it is sad that he’s with his nanny-hopefully he was waiting for one of his parents to meet him outside, but i doubt it.

  3. MJ

    isn’t it James Wilkes? Not James Wilkies?

  4. Jen

    I don’t know. There’s something kinda sad about a child being spotted with a nanny and not his parents on Halloween. (I know Halloween isn’t Christmas or anything major, but still.) I took my 3 year old trick or treating last night for the first time and, although he won’t remember the experience, I certainly will. You have to wonder how much celebrity parents miss of their children’s childhood.

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