Jennifer Connelly & Family Trick-Or-Treat

Jennifer Connelly, husband Paul Bettany, and both of her sons, Stellan Bettany, 4, and Kai Dugan, 10, [dad is photographer David Dugan] trick or treat in the West Village.

That’s an interesting costume Kai has on!




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  • Suze

    Yeah Holy freakin scarf-Stellan looks just like Jennifer

  • Ashley

    Aw! How cute. I love this family. Stellan appears to be a Jedi Knight. What’s up with Kai’s mask though? What costume is that I wonder?

  • Lisa

    You are so right-pics of them were very rare.

    You’re welcome!

  • Megs

    And a rather interesting and humungo scarf Jennifer is wearing!

    There have been so many photos lately of her and her family, funny as there was a huge period in which we never saw them photographed together! I am glad we are getting to see more of them. Thx for posting up!

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