Courteney & Coco At A Party

Courteney Cox-Arquette and adorable Coco at a party.

Check out another cute picture after the jump.




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  • Anonymous

    her hair is brushed…

  • ivy

    i like her outfit…her shoes do match, there’s blue in the dress.

  • melanie

    p.s. how MUCH does she look like her mother in the last one?? omg

  • melanie

    i think she lets coco dress herslef sometimes though..because in an interview she said coco love to do that

    and I LOVE coco her and violet are DEF my faves!!!!

  • noa

    oh my god,, she is susch adorable!!!

  • Suze

    Awww…It’s not Coco’s fault! She’s a cutie

  • Laina

    She is a cute kid. But Courteney needs to brush her hair and her clothes and shoes don’t match!

  • charlotte

    She is very cute! and the dress and shoes also ..!
    See that sunglasses ! How sweet (A)

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