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I haven’t posted pictures of Britney Spears’ sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, in awhile. Here are the boys with dad Kevin Federline and Kevin’s mom.

The saga continues as Kevin Federline requests another emergency hearing.

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  1. momof4

    jayden doesn’t look right-i agree that it looks like brit was doing something while pregnant

  2. Natalie

    Sean looks like a proper lil person now, not just a confused baby in the spot light. But what is up with Jayden’s eye? Is it an infection or a bad bruise!? X

  3. MOMOF2

    THE OLDER ONE IS SOO CUTE – HE IS A DOLL – Jayden i am sorry don’t look right. looks like she took drugs with him

  4. J

    Jayden has pink eye.
    But I agree, it looks like Britney was using during her pregnancy- he seems almost underdeveloped.

  5. Natalie

    I don’t in any way believe Jayden is any less able than Sean…it just so happens that Sean looks great in this pic and Jayden is pulling a baby ‘blah’ face. If you look at any other pictures of the boys, they are completely normal, healthy children! x

  6. hailei

    You people are nuts, saying that jayden is not ok… he’s just being silly in that picture, but he’s a beautiful, perfect, adorable little boy.. and so is sean, for that matter….

  7. lucia

    I don’t belive Jayden is “underdeveloped”.., if u see all the pictures is a normal baby boy, maybe he has an eye infection, or he was crying a lot. He’s so cute, but Sean is a doll. Jayden lookalike Britney. I hope Britney goes to the psychologist and can understand that she’s a mother now, and she has to fight so hard for sean and jayjay, ’cause i think kevin federline is a very bad person who only wants destroy Britney’s life, he has 2much envy ’cause Britney is a celebrity, a pop star, and he is only her ex. He has got 3 sons and a daughter and never take care of them. He destroy families.
    Is really sad for these poor kids.
    God bless Seanie and JayJay

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