Vanessa Marcil & Son Kassius In West Hollywood

Vanessa Marcil, 39, is seen out in West Hollywood with her son Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green, 5, dad is Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills 90210. Vanessa and Brian dated until until early 2003.

Kassius brought along his jump rope, and created his own style by wrapping it around his neck and arms.


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  • Lor

    What a cute kid! He looks just like his mommy.

  • Hanna

    They’re both cute, but I would never let my son strangle himself like this! This is dangerous, he could trip and fall. What if he does this in his room when his mother isn’t around to help? This pictures gave me creeps

  • Lisa

    When I wrote the post I was going to mention something about the rope. It looks strange, but I’m sure it’s totally harmless. He seems like a free spirited kind of kid, who is just singing and goofing around.

  • I agree, what a cute kid! But then, considering who his parents are, I guess that’s no big surprise! Vanessa is SO beautiful. He looks like he’s got a pretty funky sense of style too. The rope was kind of disturbing until I read that it was just a jump rope, not a fashion statement or something. Adorable pic!

  • Francesca

    And she’s allowing that rope around his neck becaaaause?!?!

  • Susie

    They are adorable! That child his going to be a heartbreaker just like his mother when he gets older. I think the rope was totally harmless. He’s just a little kid goofing around like all kids do.

  • Jen

    I think he looks like a punk. The chain? Are you kidding me? Ten bucks says that kid’s got a major mouth on him.

  • I’m not feeling that rope thing either…. We also posted these pictures on a french message board and people were highly disturbed, too. But he’s a cute kid anyway! Great fashion sense, groovy baby! (I can imagine Gwen Stefani’s little Kingston dressing like that in a couple of years)

  • Vanessa

    I’ve met Kassius and Brian Austin-Green while they were painting at Color Me Mine in Studio City and that kid is the most ADORABLE and POLITE kid you will meet. I absolutely fell in love! He was 4 when they were there and he spoke like a miniature intellectual adult (no foul language Jen!) That tells you alot about his parents; they seem like great people.

  • kim

    Saw them in airport- he is absolutely adorable and polite and she seems like a great mom:)

  • Anonymous

    The kid is adorable. Has anyone else noticed Megan’s body language around him… Their relationship seems strained. Kassius body language suggest the same

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  • Anonymous

    I think he looks like a punk. The chain? Are you kidding me? Ten bucks says that kid’s got a major mouth on him.New Air Max
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