Bridget Moynahan Runs Errands

Happy Monday! Can you believe my kids have a snow day? We are in NJ, so this is very unexpected…when I was a kid, I loved snow days (who didn’t?).

New mom Bridget Moynahan was out running errands in Pacific Palisades, CA. We haven’t seen baby John, who is almost 3 months old, in awhile. Bridget looks great…I wonder where she got her sweater?


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  • I love snow I hope it will be snowing here soon 🙂
    Bridget Moynahan really looking good in this pic, and I would love to know where she bought that sweater.

  • antigonie

    she needs a tan or something. she is extremely pale in this pic or maybe its just the lighting.
    cute sweater though.

  • Rita Rundner

    Does she ever stay at home with the baby or take the baby anywhere??? Must be nice to have nannies that your former boyfriend pays for! She looks old and pale!

  • Laura

    Why did she move to LA if she is not working? Oh, that was just wrong of her. She needs to see a shrink to help her deal with the pain of losing the man she loved or loves to a supermodel, but she has to stop taking it out on the father. When she did OK magazine it was obvious she was being selfish.

    I feel horrible for that child. He needs his father and she chose to remove him from his life. PS not naming him Brady is a shame considering Tom Brady will do down as one of the greatest NFL players of all time. How sad and bitter can this woman be?

  • not a brady fan

    Bridget does have a couple of completed projects that she’s under contract to promote; most of that is usually done in LA. If she wants to continue acting, when she is ready, then the networking is going to happen in LA not Boston. Why should she have to stop living to follow the “father” around the world?

    The “father” said, in front of the cameras during training camp, that he was going to lobby for more time off to spend with Johnathan. He gets the time off, but is always caught on camera with the underwear model. Then, the bye week comes along. However, he is once again seen first with buddies & drinking it up in NYC. And before he returns to Boston, more time with the underwear model. Yes, this is a “father” who really wants to spend time with his son.

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