Britney Spends Time With Her Boys

Britney is snapped spending time with her boys Sean, 2, and Jayden, 1, in Los Angeles. With her, must be the court appointed monitor.

Notice how in all of the photos, Britney is messing around with her phone? I like how the woman is holding the dog too.

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  1. Jen

    Yes, she is never fully engaged in what they’re doing and she treats the monitor like a lackey. The monitor always seems to be doing a good bit of work for someone who’s only supposed to be a chaperon. Oy ve.

  2. Anonymous

    she is not even paying attention to her children

  3. Vicki

    That was the first thing I noticed as well. How sad is that? Another thing I’ve noticed in most of these pictures is that the kids always seem to be on concrete. Does she ever let them play and run around on grass? In the sand?

  4. Jen

    We have that wagon and I can tell you that my sons don’t last very long in it. I’ve noticed, too, that her boys are always riding in it on the concrete, but it’s a very loud, bumpy ride. After a stroll down the block, my 3 year old usually wants out and asks to walk back home. Now we only use it at other loud places like the zoo, not at home for a general neighborhood walk.

  5. lorraine.soul

    Wyclef’s daughter Angelina is very beautiful. I just love RED Product! Thank you for sharing

  6. Anonymous

    Anybody notice that one of the boys is missing from the last pic?

  7. it just makes me sad…she is never paying attention to those boys. (and really, who goes out to play with boys dressed in those boots?!?!?)

  8. Really? This is the court-appointed monitor? Because she seems more like a nanny to me. I don’t get it. Can’t she put down the freaking Blackberry and interact with her kids? Especially when she KNOWS she is being photographed? This is just so sad. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but she seems completely detached from her children out in public.

  9. Exyank

    Yes, that’s the court appointed monitor. Every time I see her, she’s holding one of the kids or playing with them or talking to them, while Britney is driving, sucking on a frappucino, buying chandeliers, or sending text messages.

    Britney really is utterly, utterly clueless. I think it won’t be long before the court has had enough of her irresponsible parenting (and other behaviour) and takes the kids away entirely.

  10. lucia

    Ok, Britney isn’t in her best moment, but she can call someone when she is with her kids, I don’t think she all the time is calling her friends… Paparazzi always want show Britney as a horrible mother, and maybe she’s not a normal mum, but she needs help, and the pictures doesn’t help her…Kevin Federline only wants money and be the most famous man ever, and he doesn’t care if Sean o Jayden or his other children are sad because they want a normal life… I hope Britney can fight hard for her children and have the custody ’cause she’s the mother… I never see her mum or sister, anybody… Is Britney totally alone¿?I don’t like Britney’s music and the things she did but all the world can see that Britney NEEDS HER FAMILY, LOVE AND HELP.

  11. Ashmill

    I don’t believe Britney even wants her kids she is only adhering to this custody thing to piss of kevin. She has become quite the disapointment this past year.

    Did anyone notice that the second photo has the oldest kid eating what looks like a hoho or some kind of snack cake? Is that what kids are supposed to eat when thier that little?


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