Isla Fisher Out With Olive

Isla Fisher is pictured shopping at the Grove with her baby Olive Cohen-who is adorable! She went to Nordstroms, J.Crew, and Barney’s of New York before stopping at Morels for lunch with a friend. Sounds like a nice day out!

I really love the name Olive-I thought it was cute when I saw Little Miss Sunshine, but I like it even more now.

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  • Caren

    Does anyone have any idea what stroller this is? I want one!

  • Rinoa

    Cute Baby!

  • Lisa

    She’s using a Bugaboo stroller

  • Caren


  • Lisa

    You’re welcome 🙂 It is a really nice stroller-I wish I still needed one, but my youngest refuses to sit-he wants to walk like a big boy.

  • Me

    The picture clearly states its a Graco Pacific…

  • Me


  • Lisa

    The infant seat is a Graco, but the stroller is a bugaboo 😉

  • Deb

    I recognize the blanket over the stroller, it is one of the cotton muslin blankets that are becoming so popular these days. I have the same set, they are from

  • Gillian

    I know they never officially announced the kid’s name, but I can’t see why it is beyond people’s deductive power to figure out that it would be Olive BARON Cohen. Sacha’s family name is Baron Cohen, not just Cohen, and everybody in his family has kept the full name.

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