Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa Out With Their Daughter Lola

Lisa Bonet, her boyfriend Jason Momoa and their daughter Lola Lolani, 4 months, do some shopping at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. Lisa is set to star in the movie “Gambit” alongside Jennifer Aniston.

Pacific Coast News

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  1. Precious

    ‘Gambit,’ w/ who? Jeesus. Can we say ‘straight to video.’

  2. Scalien

    That is not Jason Momoa!!!!!

  3. krista

    yes, that is Jason Momoa…he shaved…

  4. Charii

    ** Scalien** YES, that is Jason, take your eyes out of your bum & stop being jealous of the fact that a woman her age has a man as good looking as Jason is!

  5. xylan

    I saw Jason today in Vancouver. The dreds are back.

  6. xylan

    I saw Jason today in Vancouver. The dreds are back. Seems like a nice guy. He talked about his daughter.

  7. duke

    i also saw him in vancouver a few days ago. The dreds are definitely back.

  8. Anonymous

    I saw them today on West 4th.

  9. Anonymous

    ok guys….they’re called LOCKS……NOT dreads……”locks” as in locks of hair……honestly I don’t know who started calling them dreads and now everyone thinks that’s correct.

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