Bridget Moynahan Takes John For A Stroll

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 37, and a friend(?) take their babies for a stroll around the neighborhood. Bridget is a new mom to 3-month old John Moynahan, dad is her ex Tom Brady.

Bridget has one of those really cool Orbit Baby strollers.

mr_fp_179717wtmk.jpg mr_fp_179720wtmk.jpg mr_fp_179721wtmk.jpg


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  1. me

    she looks happy…and beautiful as usual…

  2. Cindy

    Bridget looks gorgeous. So happy to see her out & about with John and friends. She looks totally in love with her son. He must have been “talking” to her. Ahhhhhhhh

  3. hello

    I am very happy for Bridget. She looks like such a doting mom!

  4. JK

    Great photos. Bridget looks lovely & happy.

  5. MJ

    Both of those parents are taking their babies for a walk in their car seats!! That is awful for the babies breathing and spine development. Why didn’t she put the baby in the cool Orbit bassinet which is so much better and more comfortable for baby??

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