Heidi Klum Out Shopping With Her Family

Heidi Klum does some Christmas shopping with her family: mom, her three kids, nannies, and I’m not sure who the two men are? I love the picture of Leni playing in the snow!

mr_fp_180437wtmk.jpg mr_fp_180439wtmk.jpg mr_fp_180452wtmk.jpg

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  1. Vicki

    Adorable little girl. And I miss snow (most of the time).

  2. Dani

    The man in the red jacket is her father.

  3. Janiekins

    Leni is adorable. The man in the red jacket is NOT Leni’s father.

  4. amy

    No the man in the red jacket is Heidi’s father Guether Klum. Leni is to cute.

  5. Émilie

    The youngest man is Heidi’s brother and the oldest, her father.

  6. Dani

    Nobody said it’s Lenis father. Its Heidis father – as the post is called “Heidi Klum out shopping…” and the answer is “it’s her father”.

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