Pregnant Brooke Burke Dishes About How She Stays So Fit

Brooke Burke, who is expecting her fourth child with fiance David Charvet, works hard to stay in shape both during, and after her pregnancies.

She recently shared her secrets with Entertainment Tonight check out the video.

“I’ve been doing Pilates for eight years. I actually started with my first pregnancy. I’m a big believer in staying fit during your pregnancy.”

“I know a lot of women are a little afraid to work their abs, or are afraid of core work, but I think it supports your back and I think it helps for an easier delivery and it makes us feel good.”

Burke, 36, gained 30 pounds during her last pregnancy with Heaven Rain. She said that excercising helped her get back into shape: “The more fit you are during your pregnancy, the quicker you’re going to bounce back. I probably started up two weeks after delivery and I felt I could handle that.”

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