Brad & Angelina Take The Kids To Chuck E. Cheese

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and the kids recently visited Springfield, Missouri, which is Brad’s hometown. On January 4, the whole clan went to the local Chuck E. Cheese’s.

If you’ve never been to a Chuck E. Cheese, consider yourself lucky! If you have, then you can picture what they did – played arcade games, and ate pizza. has the inside scoop:

“Brad was surrounded by a bunch of girls and boys,” a fellow diner says in the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now. “Angelina was holding Shiloh. She was so cute!”

“They like Springfield because no one ever bothers them,” says a source.

On January 2, the party of 16 — including Pitt’s parents, Jane and Bill; computer-shop-owner brother Doug, 41, and his wife, Lisa; stay-at-home-mom, sister Julie, 38, and her husband, Rob; and the Jolie-Pitt kids and their cousins — popped by Arris’ Pizza, a Pitt family haunt, for barbecue chicken and veggie and plain pies.

“The kids were so polite,” co-owner Tani Kremer tells Usof the four pint-size Jolie-Pitts, whom Mom and Dad made sure said “please” and “thank you.” (Daughter Zahara just turned 3!)

“Brad and Angelina are great parents,” she added.

They are always trying to do things with the kids which is nice, but they seem to travel all of the time.


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  • A.

    god forbid they travel to take the kids to see the grandparents in missouri.

  • J

    there are plenty of non-famous families who travel and move all the time- the worst thing for these kids is that they’ve constantly had their pictures taken since they were babies, and that’s not the fault of anyone in the family.

  • chicky

    I’m from the area Brad’s from. Its a small city that truly is friendly most of the time. His family flies in all the time actually and out. Its good to see a star stay true to his roots and family.

  • Beth

    I dont agree with the mainstream thinking that they are “normal” family. I dont think its fair to those children to be constantly uprooted and moved around all the time, especially to some of these countries that have nasty diseases. How are the kids ever going to have a solid foundation or make friends even when they are being carted around all the time? Im all for humaitarian efforts but maybe the should settle down and focus on their family instead.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, I wonder if these kids have any friends at all with all the traveling that they do. it’s wonderful for them to see the world, but they need stability and structure, too.

    Seems to me like Brad is more of a family man and Angelina is more of a world traveler. I’m not sure what makes me think that, maybe that Brad’s close to his family and Angelina is not. Very sad.

  • DropThePilot

    Totally agree with Jennifer!

  • Jenna Mitchell

    For the record: I don’t like that Jennifer Aniston got left in the lurch. That was crappy. Because I really like her.


    Given the Parises, Britneys and Lindsays on the scene, this constant normalcy and family togetherness must give their little ones a sense of love and security and isn’t that what every child really needs and wants? Brad & Angelina are about as traditional a family as there is in Hollywood.

    Good for them.

  • Semiya

    ITA Jenna other couples with children in hollywood travel just as much and yet when i go in their there isn’t this constant fake concern for their childrens stability. i mean will smith said his kids live on movie sets and no one worries about his kids i just think this has more to do with the fact that alot of you just don’t care for them more than the fact that you are worried that they travel to much. Also jennifer just because someone is close to their father doesn’t mean they are not family oriented angie was very close to her mother, brother and her mothers side of the family. her and brad actually spent time with them in chicago. My best friend lives in the ozarks which is were his family stays and she says that brad and angie frequent missouri alot and are able to enjoy time with his family without being bothered. I just hate the double standards placed on this family and i’m not even a fan. Ok rant over Lol.

  • Semiya

    that was suppose to say their threads LOL

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