Anthony Kiedis & His Everly Bear

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and girlfriend Heather Christie (not pictured) were seen out yesterday in Malibu with their adorable 3-month old baby boy, Everly Bear.


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  1. BobaFett

    That’s one cute baby boy. (:

  2. gogomama

    that seems like such a girls name. he looks like his mom

  3. Giiiiiiii

    that is one beautifull baby! and a hot daddy too….
    he never gets old, does he?
    I have a bad crush on him and I´m glad he finally had a baby.
    good for Tony!

  4. diana

    aww the baby is adorable and his daddy is such a good looking man!..i love him!<3
    but im so happy for both anthony and his gf!

  5. OMG!!! He is so adroble ya ya ya i know his daddy is smoken but for now he is with his g/f and son but one day maybe one of us will have anthony. mhahahahahahaah but the baby is very handsome looks just like his daddy!!!!

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