Denise Richards Takes Lola To Ballet Class

Denise Richards is pictured taking her daughter Lola, 2 1/2, to ballet class in Malibu, California yesterday. She’s gotten so big! I haven’t seen the Sheen girls in a while.


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  • gogomama

    she did get bigger, no longer a toddler

  • lucia

    She’s so big and tall! She looks more like Denise, and Sam looks like Charlie…
    Denise looks good. I hope she and Charlie, come back together, and have more children

  • Nope

    Showing off to the press. I always felt bad for Charlie because he try to get get his life in order. Even trying to protect his children from his ex wife making a tv show with his daughters. I hope she change her boots. Even though it’s a great style.

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