Katie Holmes Visits GMA And Regis & Kelly

This morning as I was getting my kids ready for school, I caught bits & pieces of Katie Holmes on GMA, then on Regis & Kelly. She looked so sophisticated, and carried herself very well. Her new comedy, Mad Money opens Friday – so she’s making the rounds to promote it.

Usmagazine.com got the scoop on what she talked about. On Regis, she discussed what it was like spending Christmas in Telluride, Colorado (lots of skiing and snowboarding) watch some video here – I also happened to be walking by the TV, as Kelly was telling Katie how great her haircut was, and how she thought it was “cute” that both Katie and Suri have matching hairdos.

On GMA, she talked about how Suri was growing up, “so fast” — but they still goof around and have fun:

“We were at FAO Schwarz last night,” Holmes said. “We were running around, eating ice cream and playing with all the toys. And Tom and I were playing with a lot of the toys ourselves. It’s very fun for adults!”

For some reason, I can’t picture that – anyway, I always find it so fascinating how in such a short time, that little Dawson’s Creek girl changed into such a sophisticated woman!


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  • MommyGirl

    I’m not into the “new” Katie. She went from being a young woman in her 20’s to an old lady. Be young, have fun! You don’t want to grow up too fast! I also can’t picture her or Tom playing with any toys at FAO Schwarz. I just think Katie has lost a sense of self. Poor girl!

  • anne

    She now has access to serious dough … dressing expensively and mostly European, good makeup and hair … but I wouldn’t call that “becoming sophisticated.” Particularly when she opens her mouth: she reveals herself to be rather immature, not terribly articulate … and frankly, not very interesting. (but Shiny Objects sure get the public’s attention, huh?)

  • Anonymous

    I thought she seemed sedated.

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