Jayden James Federline & Sean Preston Federline Out With Their Nanny

Cute picture of Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline, Britney Spears’ two boys, go for a walk with their nanny on January 14, 2008 near their father Kevin Federline’s home in Tarzana, CA.

Just shows how innocent they are – Thank God, they have no idea what’s going on right now.

Jeff Steinberg/INFphoto.com

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  1. Natalie

    It may be just me, but Jayden does not look happy recently. He always looks stressed and the poor boy isn’t even two! Sean looks like he hasn’t got a care (which is hopefully down to the stability of living with KFed), but Jayden always seems to be sad. Seen as the divorce happened shortly after his birth, it seems like maybe he didnt have the best start to his short life.
    I do like Britney, but i’m losing patience with her antics in regards to her children. xx

  2. Jen

    Britney treats her dogs better than she treats her own children. It’s atrocious. JJ does always look sad, but he could definitely have some emotional issues since the only life he knows is a chaotic one. At least SP spent time with his mother before she had fallen off the deep end. JJ certainly doesn’t know her any other way.

  3. These little boys are so adorable. Brit has no right being a mom. She needs some serious help!!

  4. Lora in Kentucky

    Poor little souls. I fear for them and their future. They had no choice in this matter. I think Britney loves her children, but is forced every day to face such hype and ridicule. I for sure think she deserves a chance to straighten herself out. I am/was a foster mom to two girls who’s mother was in a similar situation, of course she wasn’t famous, which I’m sure adds so much more, but she did it, she cleaned up and is now a wonderful mother to her children. It took her a while to hit rock bottom, but when she did, her recovery was amazing. I pray this will happen for Britney.

  5. didi

    Instead of being PO’d at Brit for being a crappy mom to her boys, we need to realize the girl really does have a mental illness and needs some major help. This is becoming more and more clear everyday, but no one seems to be able to reach her. The whole situation is really sad and these children are the ones who are going to suffer for it unfortunately.

  6. Theresa

    I agree didi! She is definately mentally ill and in need of help…to go from saying “having a child is the closest thing to god” to all this insane behaviour and hanging around with Mr. Creepy…it screams of a major breakdown! What I don’t understand is where are her parents? Best friends?

  7. Francesca

    OMG Natalie…I was thinking the SAME thing…the little one always looks so pitiful…his cheeks big and droopy and his eyes always look like he just finished crying. I have girls 3 years apart and their personalities are complete opposites…so that may be it…but considering the circumstances, he may be missing his mommy. God bless them AND Britney…I hope they can recover from this and that Britney gets back on track. People may think the kids have no idea because they’re so young, but trust me, they KNOW! Kids are very perceptive and smart… 🙁 Poor babies.

  8. munchkin

    I so agree with you these two children are aware of what is going on around them. Young children understand more then they are able to expressive anyone with a child should know that, have people ever wandered why children around 2 have tanturms its becouse they can undrestand what is being said but carnt expressive them seleves
    As for the youngest one his mother is one of the most important person in his life then his father
    I feel sorry for the pair of them and im glad that kevin is being mature enough to take on the roll of primary care giver at least where not hearing reports about bad parenting.
    as for britney she needs some serious help and if the media got of her back maybe she would have a chance to pull her slef together

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