Trista & Max In Us Magazine

Here’s another picture of Trista and her 5-month old son Max from Us magazine.


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  1. Cara

    well you have to give Trista the credit for being the first “celebrity” – and I use that loosely – to do a magazine spread with her new baby and totally upstage her own child.

    It’s like he’s just a prop for her…a way to keep her in the headlines. I’m sure she loves her son but boy this is so sad and pathetic.

    Trista, get some help. Your desire for validation is really over the top.

  2. Cara

    Sorry Liz, no jealousy here. I actually lost all my baby weight and about 20 additional pounds.

    I just think it’s sad that she’s so focused on her body instead of her child.

  3. J

    sorry cara, but that’s what the whole interview was about! on the cover it says, “trista: how i got my body back!” (or something equally predictable.)
    she’s been in the media talking about losing her baby weight, and now she has, so she’s showing off.
    this interview wasn’t the photo shoot they used to introduce the baby, and from the photoshoot pictures in the magazine, there are pictures of just ryan and the baby, as well as trista and ryan and the baby- the whole thing is supposed to be about trista’s new hot body and the family’s vacay- why people need to hear about THAT is another issue, but it’s not trista’s.

    i personally think she looks pretty focused on her child in that picture, and i give her credit for keeping together a reality-show romance!

  4. Jen

    She’s a Z-list celeb. I’m not quit sure why anyone is interested in anything she has to say. What does she do for a living, exactly?

  5. sandy

    I think she looks great! And who really cares if she isnt a A lister! I am kind of tired of hearing about them all the time anyway. How many times can brittney freek out and get on a cover? Hey does anyone know what this stuff she is saying she used is? and its the black one called cuts?

  6. sandy

    And Cara, maybe she is focussed on her body to be healthy FOR her child? Just a thought

  7. Liz

    I don’t think being focused on your body is a bad thing. You can be focused on many different things in life and still be a great mom. I think she looks great!

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