Halle Berry Admits She’s Afraid To Give Birth

Halle Berry has the same fears most pregnant women have – not knowing what to really expect in the delivery room. She told British magazine Reveal:

“I’m worried about giving birth. I’ve been pretty cool about my pregnancy up until lately, but suddenly I’m realizing that there’s a baby that’s got to come out and someone is going to have to be there to push it out. Emotionally, I’m a bit of a mess. Besides all the hormones bubbling and boiling inside me, the anticipation is starting to get to me. I’m more nervous now than I was during the Oscars.”

Halle does have diabetes, and will be carefully monitored when she goes into labor.

I remember when I got towards the end of my first pregnancy, feeling like, OMG this is real, this huge baby has to come out of me one way or another – I can totally relate 🙂


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  • Exyank

    The best fix I ever found for pre-labour worries was education. I can’t tell you how many books on childbirth I’ve read. The way to combat fear is to shine a big old light on it. 😉

  • Liz

    Oh me too, between my hubby and I, I think we could have delivered the baby ourselves!! But, then again I do this with everything.

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