Brian Littrell & Son Baylee Do Lunch

Brian Littrell, 32, best known as a member of the Backstreet Boys, takes his adorable son Baylee, 5, to lunch at Fred Segal in West Hollywood, January 18.

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  • mom to be

    is that kid 5??? he looks like 2 or 3 :S

  • julie

    If I remember correctly, Brian himself was small for his age. Must be something hereditary…????

  • Gina

    Wow, Brian has really matured into a gorgeous man! He is looking gooooood! I remember that he had married some years back and had a child. His son is adorable – looks so much like him. Wouldn’t mind seeing more pics of Brian and his little boy.

  • omg brian and baylee are to cute for words love em both xoxo

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