Lily Allen Returns To Work After Miscarriage

Lily Allen has returned to work following her publicized miscarriage last week. This must be incredibly hard for Lily – she was in her second trimester (four months) with her first child when she miscarried. After 12 weeks the rate of miscarriage drops, leaving most women feeling a bit more secure about things.

She will be shooting the pilot episode for BBC3’s Lily Allen and Friends in London on Wednesday:

“She has insisted on coming back to work,” a BBC insider tells Us magazine. “Obviously it’s tough for her right now, but she is a professional and sees going back to work as a way to focus on something else.”

Jumping back into things may not be for the best, although everyone handles things differently.


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It’s such a sad loss for Lily. I feel really sorry for the emotional pain she must be enduring at this time.