Nicole’s Delivery Details

Here’s some of the birth details from Nicole Richie’s delivery. Star magazine is reporting (so who knows how true they are) For starters, Nicole apparently used a mirror to watch the birth of her daughter Harlow.

“A nurse handed Nicole a mirror so she could see the birth. At first she was too afraid, but she watched during the final few pushes.”

A source says, they had a bit of a scary moment right after the delivery, when Harlow turned slightly blue, (but probably just needed to be suctioned) they were reassured by the doctor and she was placed on her chest.

Nicole went through the delivery naturally, and had an epidural after delivery (which can’t be right??- maybe she had pain medication injected) Oh, and she sent a note on over to Christina Aguilera, to wish Christina luck with the delivery and let her know she was in her thoughts.

The source added: “It was sweet!”

Who knows, like I said it’s Star

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  • BetsyC

    Hmm…it is so not likely that she was holding a mirror at the time of birth if she was having an unmedicated childbirth….besides who would get an epidural after childbirth and then be able to leave the hospital so soon afterwards?? Maybe she is a super hero??

  • Sarah


    What do you mean it’s unlikely that she was holding a mirror due to the fact that she was having an unmedicated childbirth? It’s entirely possible, and if anything, it’s more likely because she would have been able to freely move around. I had a natural childbirth (no epidural, no narcotics, not even an IV) and I was able to hold a mirror and watch my daughter come into the world.

    I agree though that it makes no sense to get an epidural after the fact and that is probably not what happened. Perhaps she had pain medication put into an IV?

  • welshy

    Well… i know somebody who had an epidural after the delivery of the baby but she had it because she needed stitching after the tear she got from delivery she needed to go into surgery for it as it was that i guess it is possible.

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