Heath Ledger’s Family Issues A Statement

Heath Ledger’s family read a statement outside of their home in West Australia:

“We, Heath’s family, confirm the very tragic, untimely and accidental passing of our dearly loved son, brother and doting father of Matilda, who was found in a peaceful sleep in his New York apartment by his housekeeper at 3:30 p.m. (EST),” his father, Kim, read while accompanied by mother Sally and Ledger’s sister, Katie.

“We would like to thank our friends and everyone around the world for their kind wishes at this time.

“Heath has touched so many people on so many different levels during his short life, but few had the pleasure to truly know him.

“He was a down-to-earth, generous, kind-hearted, life-loving and unselfish individual who was an extreme inspiration to many.

“Please now respect our family’s need to grieve and come to terms with our loss privately.”

Separately, Ledger’s rep said, “We are all deeply saddened and shocked by this accident. This is an extremely difficult time for his loved ones and we are asking the media to please respect the family’s privacy and avoid speculation until the facts are known.”

I can’t imagine his family is going through right now. They have lost a son, a brother, a father and a friend. Until any facts are known, I will not be writing about the many possible reasons for his death that are all over the press/tabloids.


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  • Daniela

    Wish there was a way to turn back the clock Heath…and stop this from happening… One of the most talented and promising actors… so many images left unseen, so many emotions left to portray. And on top of it all, you seemed to be a genuine, nice and real person..
    Like I said: wish I could turn back the clock and stop this from being true… Heath, you were unquestionably, steadily on my top 5: the chart where I place actors who win my heart – talent is the most splendorous thing… All the movies you won’t make, the maturing you won’t undergo… I wish I could still watch you when we were both in our 60’s… Wish there was a way.
    For some reason, ever since I heard the shocking news, Gustavo Santaolalla’s “The Wings” from Brokeback’s soundtrack is playing in my head and won’t stop… Probably because it’s so sad, and so beautiful, and reminds me of you…
    Rest in peace, Heath.
    Weird as it may be, writing this here helps me say goodbye…
    Always up there with the greats for me Heath…
    Love always,

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