Did Nicole Kidman Save Some Of Her Placenta?

Reportedly, Nicole Kidman kept “some of the placenta” after miscarrying Tom Cruise’s child.

In Andrew Morton’s new book, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorised Biography, he claims Kidman saved the placenta to prove Tom was the father.

“Tom and Nicole did try to start a family but she sadly had a miscarriage. And because of all the questions over the father, she ordered that some of the placenta be saved in order to prove paternity – the fact that Tom Cruise was the father.”

Hmm, this book really has no credibility so far, but I think I would read it – just out of curiosity. What about you guys – would you read it?


Photo: Fame Pictures 1/12/08

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  • maddie

    Tom is soo wierd, so I definetly would read it just because to see how crazy Tom really is.

  • MommyGirl

    I would read it for sure! I think Tom and the whole scienentology thing is wacky. I would like to see what “secrets” could be revealed in the book.

  • gogomama

    Are you kidding?? I can’t wait to read this!

  • Jen

    As far as celebrity bio authors go, Andrew Morton is a pretty well-respected one. He does extensive research, sometimes for years, and isn’t out to smear his subjects. I don’t think he says anything salacious about Cruise, but tries to show us why he’s the maniacal, control-freak cult follower he is today. Apparently Cruise had one heck of a childhood.

  • Rach

    I don’t remember how far along she was when she miscarried, but
    there probably wasn’t a placenta to save. Most people miscarry early on and
    the placenta doesn’t take over until the very end of the first trimester, into the second.
    I’ve never miscarried myself, but many of my friends have and none of them saw a placenta.

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