Halle Berry Shows Off Her Growing Belly

Halle Berry was spotted running errands in Universal City with her bodyguard. I swear, every time I see Halle, she seems to be getting bigger, and she’s not due to have this baby until March.

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  1. Dea

    Ok, correct me if I am wrong but is it true that she has diabetes (not sure what type)? maybe that can affect the growth of the baby (in sense of size due to diabetes). But I may be wrong since she doesnt even look like she gained weight at all.

  2. Lisa

    You’re right – she does have diabetes, and will be watched closely through her pregnancy, and monitored during labor. You can tell she takes great care of herself.

  3. Jennifer

    She appears to have red marks on her feet…? Wonder if she had a henna design put on them.

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