Rumor: Is Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins?

Today has been the day of the pregnancy rumors – first Tori Spelling, and now Angelina Jolie. is claiming that Jolie is carrying twins. Another photo agency Bauer-Griffin claims that she has apparently been spotted at the same OB GYN office where Nicole Richie went during her pregnancy.

Angelina’s rep told Access Hollywood, “I am not commenting on an unsubstantiated rumor from a tabloid photo agency,”

Angelina and Brad are pictured above at the Critics’ Choice awards on January 7. That’s where rumors began to swirl after Angelina seemed to have put on weight, and stuck to water all night.

Brad and Angelina have four children – Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 1.

The couple has made no secret of wanting more kids, so we’ll have to wait & see – only time will tell!


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  • Lizzi

    wtf ?! how meny kids will they freakin´ have??? Damn .. Chill down for a secound .. and I heard they are gonna adopt AGAIN… theese two are starting to be crazyyyyyy

  • DropThePilot

    I dislike Angelina and never liked her, to be honest. I’ll never forgive her for breaking Jen & Brad’s marriage.

  • Angelina

    Get over it all ready! J Aniston has. Why would you hate someone who you’ve never met
    before? Everything you think you know about these people is info that you’ve read or heard from gossip sites/shows. Have you spoken to Jennifer A, Brad Pitt, and Angelina to know
    what went down. How could Angelina break up Brad’s marriage? He was the one
    in the committed relationship with Jennifer Aniston, not her. Jennifer and Brad BOTH said that their relationship was over before he hooked up with Angelina.

  • Danielle

    I love Brangelina. And they can have as many kids as they want. They can afford them. I hope she is pregnant. Their a delight to keep up with.

  • Hannah

    Maybe they can afford them, But can they take care of them? Angie has already said that she doesn´t love Shiloh as much as the other one’s.. does that sound right to you? If she doesn´t have eny love left to give to her own daughter how is she gonna love the new one’s ?

  • Devin

    Angie is a fame whore and this story was leaked to deflect the attention being paid to Heath Ledger and the circumstances surring his death. It’s amazing that people still continue to put this worthless, opportunistic freak on a pedestal.

    No woman can take a man if he is happy where he is. My digust for her stems from her obvious liberal racism towards the balance of color among her children, the inane statements she makes about Shiloh. Not to forget years of horrible behavior by her and that freak show of a brother. Lurch and Morticia need to go away and take Gomex with them.

  • Dea

    Wow, people..chill out!! I completely agree with Angelina. Apart from what you hear from the media, have you hear from the Horses’ mouth themselves (meaning Bradd, Jen, Angie) of what went wrong? Even with the Shiloh situation, I believe tabloid media really kind of stirred/tweaked the words around to sensationalize it (other wise they wouldnt be called Tabloids). If she is pregnant, more power to her! at least she and Brad are responsible parents unlike someone we see on the blogs on daily basis*Brit*cough*.

  • Sandy

    Angelina didn’t break up their marriage. Jennifer should have had some idea, Brad just wasn’t in love with her and probably never was. Angelina is freakin beautiful, they had such chemistry in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I knew their marriage was over when I saw that movie. Sorry Jen, you should have had a couple of his kids to kiss goodnight, instead your career and your body were more important then making babies with Brad. Boy, Angie sure knows how to enjoy her time with Brad..

  • Ebony Styles

    i dont understand the hang up. why is it so worng for them to have their own as well as adopt children that is what we are put on this earth to do and if you got the money to take care of them the i say more power to you, and god bless because there are children out there that need someone to love them right.

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