Joel Madden Blogs About Harlow “This Time In Our Life Has Been Amazing”

New daddy Joel Madden writes about his “little family” on his blog:

“She’s already growing to fast! So I am at home writing this blog before i head to the DCMA store, and then the DEAD EXEC studio to work. I swear it’s so hard to leave during the day, but always so rewarding to come home to the little family.”

“Me and her mother feel like the luckiest two people alive right now. This time in our life has been amazing. We both look at our little girl every single moment everyday and know there is nothing we wouldn’t do to protect her and her perfect little innocence. It seems like you turn on the tv, or get online and its all bad news.”

Awww, Harlow is just 12 days old! Remember how fast the time goes in the beginning? And how the days and nights kind of blur together? Those are special times – really sweet!


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  • Jen

    Best of luck to them. Given celebrity track records for relational happiness is short-lived, I hope they can continue to enjoy being a family for many years to come. Now if they would just get married….

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