Christine & Cayden Wyatt Costner

Adorable picture of Christine Costner and her son Cayden Wyatt, 8-months. Dad is actor Kevin Costner.

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  • tess

    Cayden is soooo adorable and cute.

  • Cayden is a beautiful child.

  • wow, he is a cutie!

  • Lora in Kentucky

    I think he looks like his daddy. Gonna be a hunk!

  • ivy

    yeah he does look like his dad, has his mouth for sure. id like to have his mouth for an hour or two…..(kevins, not the baby 🙂

  • Linda

    what a cute boy, He will be a heartbreacker when he grows up lol

  • momof4

    God, I love the younger Kevin Costner( Bull Duram sp?) Cayden is going to be just as handsome!

  • Barbara Nemec

    He is adorable but those of us who have seen his daddy up
    close think he isn’t bad looking also!!

  • Carol Glover

    I think Cayden is a real handsome baby. You are both lucky to have a healthy young boy like him. Maybe the next one will be a girl. You three are a real good looking family.


  • sozi

    very buetiful son

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