Angelina Jolie May Sell Pregnancy Confirmation, With Money Going To Charity

A close source to Angelina Jolie, has confirmed to Us Weekly that she is indeed pregnant. The source also claims that Jolie may sell the confirmation, with the money going to charity.

Reps for the couple refused to comment.

Angelina ,32, and Brad ,44, have four children: Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 19 months, the couples biological child.

What do you think? Do you think she’ll sell the exclusive story to the highest bidder, and donate the money?

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  • Maritza

    I think its a good idea, as long as it’s for charity.

  • Jailynn

    I don’t understand why she’s having more herself……she’s had a hard time loving Shilo as it is!!!Poor kid!

  • Eva_baby

    I don’t understand. Why does one need to sell a pregnancy confirmation? People will get all the confirmation they need in a few months. I know it is for charity, but give money to charity anyway.

  • Angie2

    Someone is going to make money off of them, it might as well be them.

  • I think she will, didn’t they do that with the pictures of Shiloh? I agree, someone is going to make money off of them anyway, at least they are donating it to charity

  • kayembe

    You know what irks me? Long before Angelina had Shiloh, she was asked if she was going to have any biological children. She replied, no, because that would be one less child that she could adopt.
    Liar? Hypocrite?

  • Liz

    I totally agree with you Eva_baby! You hit the nail right on the head.

  • J

    I’m sure that there are already people how have made money off of the “story” that Angelina’s pregnant. The sales from magazines and media coverage would easily equal whatever they would get paid from selling the confirmation- and if somebody’s gonna make money off of the story, I’d rather it be them than anyone.

    kayembe- Angelina was with (or recently separated from) Billy Bob Thornton at that time!
    She has since gotten together with Brad Pitt, who is notorious for wanting children, and she has adopted more kids AS WELL AS delivered Shiloh.
    God forbid someone’s life plans change.

  • ivy

    brad is looking extra hot these days

  • Cass

    Yeah, i like the scruffy look 🙂

  • Rinoa

    I personally think it’s a great idea to sell the confirmation to a magazine – especially considering that the money will go to charity.

  • Shayla

    I agree with the other posters that someone’s going to make money off of this pregnancy (if it is in fact true) it may as well go to charity. It’s not like their keeping the money for themselves.

  • Ann

    I just can’t believe what the magazines pay for these kinds of stories – really who is Angelina Jolie?? What blockbuster movie has she done?

  • Eva_baby

    I guess my confusion lies in the fact that you have to sell what people will be able to see for free with their own eyes in a few weeks anyway. It just strikes me as utterly weird.

  • Skangela

    another kid??? they don’t waste much time getting to know the ones they already have…

  • MommyGirl

    Let’s just hope that Angelina can love the new baby as hard as it is for her to love Shiloh. Shye has made some disturbing comments in the past about her biological child.

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