Pregnant Nicole Kidman Can’t Wait To Have Bigger Boobs

Nicole who is expecting her first child with husband Keith Urban – has always wanted a curvier figure and can’t wait for her chest to fill out. She said:

“Being pregnant, I’ll have bigger boobs. That’s one of the many good things I can think of that will come of it!”

Nicole has two adopted children, Connor and Isabella, with ex-husband Tom Cruise – is due to give birth in July.


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  • gia

    i thought she got implants like 6 months ago or something…i saw some pics of her awhile ago & her breasts looked really odd & rounded up top. this was way before she got pregnant. i guess she should have had bigger ones implanted.

  • Linda

    They looks so happy in that pic.Im really happy for her.She truly deserves a child by now!

  • Bluezy

    I’m a little confused. If SHE can have kids biologically….and TOM can have kids biologically…..why didn’t they have any biological kids when they were together?

    Don’t get me wrong….I’m not saying they couldn’t have just CHOSEN to adopt. But given the fact that they both (Tom and Nicole) seem to be so eager and anxious to have biological children…why didn’t they just do that in the first place? When they were together? Instead of adopting??

    I really don’t mean for this to sound rude or insensitive. I just think there might be some truth to the whole rumor that Suri may not be biologically Tom’s child…or that he’s gay.

    Anyone else thinking along the same lines?

  • ivy

    i just think that it didnt work for them. she did have 2 miscariages while they were together.

  • Liz

    I was thinking the same thing, Bluezy.

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