Jen & Violet In Brentwood

Jennifer Garner takes Violet to the Farmers Market in Brentwood Tuesday. Now, we see these pictures and think, how sweet (which they are) but if you have time check out the video of the same footage. In the very end of the video, Jen lashes out at the photogs, and I can’t blame her – as much as I love seeing these pictures, I wouldn’t want to trade places.


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  • Theresa

    wow I have to say the same…what a difficult situation to be in…I find it hard enough to get my kids loaded without tons of people snapping pics…here she is just trying to have a “normal” day and she can’t…almost makes me want to stop checking out the pics!

  • Cass

    Poor Violet, she’s the innocent one!

  • Ann

    I’m glad Jen gave it to those guys, they’re creepy, I’d be a lot worse if I were her.

  • momof4

    Jen looks so thin, maybe she’s pregnant too!

  • tess

    sometimes the photographers are very stupid.
    despite the fact, Jen and Violet (really sweet) loocks great and happy.

  • sarah

    hahah poor that photographer, he sounded so scared 😛

    But I think it was great of Jen to tell him to back off ! ;P

  • Jen

    V is starting to look like that girl from the Pepsi commercials in the 90’s. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but she’s very cute right now.

  • Shayla

    Haley Eisenberg? No chance! Haley is still cute, but in a different way.

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