Larry Birkhead And Dannielynn Visit Anna Nicole’s Grave

Larry Birkhead and his daughter Dannielynn traveled to the Bahamas this week, so that the 17-month-old could visit her mother Anna Nicole and brother Daniel’s graves in Nassau.

ET has the exclusive story that will be shown a multi-part interview starting Wednesday, February 6. To read more of the interview click here.


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  • bv

    I hate Entertainment Tonight. It is a desperate, pathetic joke. I like Larry Birkhead but I cringe whenever I see him doing things on ET.

  • Laura

    This is so tacky! :-\ Why would he want to make these pictures public?!? That poor little girl visiting the grave of her mother and brother is a private matter! This is disgusting! One day Dannielynn is going to see these and Larry will have to answer to her!

  • Liz

    Dannielyn is just soooo adorable.

  • Louise

    So disgusting how he milks this innocent little girl with these clearly posed, ‘stylish’ pictures…

  • bv

    I totally agree Louise. It’s like, lets dress up and go see mommy’s grave with a crew from Entertainment Tonight!
    So tacky and definately a private matter.
    She is a very cute little girl though. It’s all very sad what he is doing.

  • mrpresident

    He is such a anna nicole money whore…. howard stern must be screwing larry good for a stake in the money deal for these pics…. poor child. She has no idea what asses are ‘looking after’ her

  • Belicoso

    Who else in the world would sell these moments to the press? Grieving is high on my list of things that should never be done on camera because it takes away from the genuineness of the act. Larry clearly arranged this charade ahead of time and then delivered the image that he knew ET wanted. You have to wonder if it would have been the same scene without the cameras, or more importantly if he would have even gone at all if there wasn’t a check in it for him.

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