New Mom Christina Aguilera Was Busy Yesterday!

New mom Christina Aguilera enjoys her voting experience in Los Angeles, CA yesterday. Yesterday morning she talked to Ryan Seacrest in her first interview since giving birth just 24 days ago to Max. Here’s some snippets:

“He did have a bris, we had close friends over to experience the bris with us. We’re a non-conventional couple… we had penis balloons everywhere.”

On being home with Max

“Every week something new happens… it’s constant changing and he’s constantly changing and doing different things and stinky things.”

Christina said she is “going a little stir crazy” being home – but describes motherhood as “an incredible thing.”

On Paris Hilton spilling the beans

“Everyone thought I wanted to keep this big secret. Really, I didn’t want to address it. I didn’t want to make a big announcement about it. Paris did kind of jump the gun a bit so she did kind of become the official announcer at a club appearance. I laughed it off. She did it in a sweet way so it wasn’t in a kind of tattle way.”

Holy boobs!

Christina will be on ET Thursday – get a sneek peek of the interview here.


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  • wilhemina

    I love Christina, but am I the only person who looks at that lipgloss and imagines a newborn baby that looks like an extra from “Carrie”?

  • gia

    i am sorry, but she looks like a porn star. she’s so talented, but i wish she would change her look to something a bit more subdued. she is a pretty girl, she doesnt need all that trashy looking make up & hair & boobs all at the same time!!

  • cara

    Penis balloons. Classy.

  • Rinoa

    Love her outfit but her makeup is dreadful. She could be so pretty if she just toned down the makeup. The look is a bit trashy.

  • Kelly

    I agree the make up and that terrible hair color makes her look like she should be working on a corner.

  • Liz

    Did you know her and her hubby have what they call, “naked Sundays” where they are naked all day long. I heard her talk about it on the Ellen show. I don’t know if I would want everyone in america to know that! She’s a little odd.

    She needs to tone down her hair and make up. Her husband must like the hooker look.

  • Cory

    She and her husband are non-conventional? And yet she is fine with having her baby sexually mutilated for the sake of religion? Hmmm… She has issues.

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