Kate Hudson & Ryder Walking In The Rain

Kate Hudson and Ryder were spotted in the West Village yesterday. Kate is in NY promoting Fool’s Gold her new romantic comedy adventure.


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  1. marisa

    i don’t know if it’s just me, but is it common for people to have kids his age in strollers? Maybe it’s because it’s a bigger city and it means too much walking for kids. Just wondering.

  2. Ella

    I have a (big) 3-year old in a major city, and still use the stroller. It is mostly all the walking, but also about carrying all their stuff. Plus, if you’re going to get groceries or something, it’s a convenient tote for that.

  3. Jen

    This child never smiles. Sometimes I wonder if he has some sort of problem because he doesn’t show any emotion. My second son is naturally quite serious and introspective, but he does have a silly side and shows it often. I find it so odd that Ryder never cracks a smile, not even when he was a young toddler.

  4. Devin

    He does smile, there are pictures of him with big smiles on his face. Try looking at the January issue of American vogue. Maybe the photographers bother him. There’s nothing about a child not smiling when he feels threatned by lunatic paps probably screaming his name.

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