Marcia Cross Takes The Twins Shopping

Marcia Cross along with her nanny takes twins Eden (with Marcia) and Savannah, who will turn 1, on February 20, shopping on Montana Ave in Santa Monica.


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  1. Marcia looks great with those Orbit Toddler Strollers!

  2. tess

    Eden is sooooo cute.
    She is very beautiful.
    Marcia looks great too.

  3. Hannah

    That first pic is adorable … How can you know that she favors Eden?

  4. Claire

    Why do you write celebritybabyscoop on the pictures !?

    Where do you find all your pictures please ?

  5. Nicole

    Claire I believe the pictures are bought and paid for by this site, which is why they are watermarked – the site paid for them and doesn’t want anyone who hasn’t paid for them using them.

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