Jamie Lynn Spears With Boyfriend Casey In Kentwood

Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, and Casey Aldridge, 19, stopped in at the local Auto Zone, in Kentwood Louisiana on 2/10. You can kind of see a little bump under there – Jamie Lynn is due late May/early June 2008 and plans to raise the baby in Louisiana, where the baby can have a “normal life.”

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  • Jen

    Nice Heineken t-shirt, JL. Great role model.

    This family is truly messed up.

  • Angela

    Teenagers all over the world get pregnant. People are picking on Jamie Lynne because of who she is. I think it is unfair.

  • Linnea

    yes exakly, I know a girl who got pregnant at the age of 13 and gave birth to her son,and today he is 1 year old and she has proven that she is very responsible and she loves him more than enything in this world.

    and btw we are from scandinavia,not usa .. so teenegers all over the world are getting pregnant.

  • bluezy

    Just another underage, unwed, teenage mother in a heineken t-shirt coming out of an auto parts store in Louisiana……..Priceless

  • Liz

    And I bet you are all perfect!!

  • bluezy

    Not perfect no….but when TWO SISTERS who are supposed to be teenage roll models end up the way these two (Britney and Jamie Lynn) have ….it’s a little frustrating. My daughter is only 2 so luckily I don’t have to have this conversation with her but I have friends who are trying to explain to their daughters why premarital sex is dangerous and then getting sideswiped by the stars that their daughters look up to. At the tender age of 14, 15, and 16 my friends kids are more interested in what these teens are doing and tend to want to ignore their parents advice. So what do you do? There’s no easy answer. However, if Jamie Lynn wants to be a star and she wants to appeal to MY kids and the kids of MY friends then she needs to work on gaining MY respect and think before she acts because her choices (unlike mine, or yours) ARE seen by everyone. And it was HER choice to live in the public eye.

  • Anonymous

    i think that u guys should leave her alone, for all u know she could be a better mother than people who are 30 years old. Just beacuse shes britneys lil sis, everyone causes a big deal. If she was a regular person(no famous) i doubt u guys would care.

  • Bluezy

    That’s true. I wouldn’t care if she were just some random knocked up teen. But she isn’t. And as a teenage “roll model”. She has a responsiblity to me and to my children.

  • Anonymous

    she doesnt have a responsibility to you or your daughter. good god. get over yourself. she is a teenager that got preggers. not some person that should be held up higher than anyone else.

  • Dea

    Anon 8:54, listen to yourself..what blueszy means is responsibility as a PUBLIC FIGURE and setting up a good example! of course if it’s any Tom, Dick and Harry we would not give a hoot and no teens will pay attention to them. But this is a person who is in front of the camera with millions of teens watching. There is a DIFFERENCE!

  • Not a hypocritical judgmental “christian”

    And as a teenage “roll model”. She has a responsiblity to me and to my children.>>>

    Wow. This comment astounds me in it’s absolute stupidity. If you for one second think that someone you’ve never met has a responsibility for you or your children… You need to gain a clue and lose your attitude. YOU are a role (not ROLL) model to your children, not some cutsy child actor that got trust into the spotlight from a young age.

    Perhaps you should stop frequenting celebrity sites just so you can cast judgment on others to make yourself feel better… THEN you can be the proper “roll” (hehe) model for your children.

    P.S. There’s a huge difference between a roll and a role. You should learn what it is.

  • Lora in Kentucky

    Wow, you guys are really going at it.

    Let’s leave it as “opinions”, how ’bout it????

    You know what they say about those.

  • Jenny

    Thank you 9:48. Parents should be the most important role models children have. If these people don’t like what the Hollywood celebs are doing, there is this switch on most TV’s these days – I think it’s called a “Power” button. You can just push it and your problem is solved.

  • Happyasaclam

    “that got trust into the spotlight from a young age” Thrust, not trust. There’s a huge difference between trust and thrust. You should learn what it is.

  • bluezy

    HA HA…thanks Happyasaclam. Too funny. I actually pride myself on my grammar and spelling but I guess I had a few typos there. Talk about hypocrytical…..Not a hypocritical judgmental “christian…they don’t get more judgemental than you.

  • anonymous

    To “not a hypocritical judgmental “christian”…you should also learn the proper spelling of the word “cutsy”…since we’re criticizing spelling and grammar oh perfect one. And isn’t “not a hypocritical judgmental christian” an oxymoron?!

    Source: dictionary.reference.com/browse/cutesiecute·sy

  • Bluezy

    Love it.

  • jennifer

    no two mothers are alike her mother diffrent her sister as mom is diffrent so leave them let them do there thing

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