Jamie Lynn Fills Up!

Photo Removed Per Agency

Jamie Lynn looks cute as she stops by the gas station to fill up. He’s not pictured, but Casey met up with Jamie at the station and they headed off to a restaurant for dinner.

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  • Claire

    “Cute” is not really the word I’d use for a pregnant teenager.

  • Rinoa

    I think her outfit is cute!

  • momof4

    She can still look “cute” even though she’s a pregnant teen. It’s a lot better than a Heineken t-shirt.

  • ivy

    i wonder when people are going to get over it? it happened, thats life.

  • cara

    Yeah, I agree with the first poster. Let’s not glamorize teen pregnancy any more than it already is.

  • Rinoa

    Oh come on. We can say that a pregnant teen looks cute and that doesn’t mean that we’re glamorizing teen pregnancy. I think it’s going overboard to suggest that it does.

  • cara

    If she had said her OUTFIT looks cute, I’d agree with you Rinoa, but her statement was more broad.

  • Lisa

    Just to clarify my post – I actually did mean her outfit. Usually she has on a sweatshirt or a tee.

  • Preggo at 16

    okay listen i am a pregnant teenager (16 years old) and everyone is not perfect i think that god gives us babies when he thinks we are ready and AGE doesnt define how good of a PARENT one can be…..and honstley i am happy i am pregnant with a baby boy cause i know i will be a kick ass mommy this baby will change my life for the best so all you haters fuck off your just jealous =]

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